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Livecybercash offers a full turnkey video chat software solution on a SAAS basis with an open and straight forward commission structure.  The whole system is simple to use and requires no technical knowledge.

The whole structure was designed to allow anyone to enter the lucrative video chat business and is truly scalable, suitable for solo-model start up business to many multiple linked websites utilizing shared model content and a large, tiered affiliate network.


The video chat system is customisable in virtually all aspects enabling you to run your website off your (sub)domain, with your colours and branding, showcasing the content (models/ performers) that you select.

You choose (or not) to offer the additional features (memberships, shop (hard and digital goods), fan clubs, custom videos, SMS chat, phone chat, online text chat with the billing options that you opt for) - truly giving you all the options you need to run your video chat website your way.


The system is both robust and fully scalable, built on a rock solid platform and hosted from a state of the art data centre in St Louis, USA.

Designed to cope easily with 1000's of concurrent connections (both performers and customers) giving you ample scope to develop your online business.

All patches, upgrades and enhancements are included as standard leaving you free to concentrate on the important business of promoting and developing your website venture.


Paying out (probably) the best commission rates in the video chat industry and with a straightforward and simple to understand pricing structure. 

A maximum of 80% of total revenue split between the webmaster and studio and numerous referral programs to up your income further (webmaster/ studio and affiliate).

There is even the opportunity to brand the software as your own. promote the software as your own and even sell it to other end users (even though you haven't  been charged to use it!)





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