Livecybercash Video Chat Software is currently undergoing an upgrade / revamp plus adding extra functionality - don't worry we are open for business as usual whilst all the changes take place and all systems are fully operational.


What is LiveCyberCash Video Chat Software 3.7?

LiveCyberCash video chat software as a solution for video chat website operators, webmasters, performers and performer studios.

Simple and free video chat solution that enables you to profit in the live entertainment, video chat business. Video chat software enables cross platform high definition live broadcasting with crisp clear audio.

Performers can broadcast via a P.C or Mac and customers view on a P.C, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Windows or Android phone.


Included in the Video Chat Software as a Solution?

A selection of customizable video chat websites. Template video chat websites that need no special skills or knowledge to tailor and brand to your own look and feel.

A mix and match software solution with check box selection of website elements & features. Pick and mix features such as Pay per View P.P.V, Pay per Minute P.P.M, Premier and /or VIP membership, private video, private photos and much more.

Change a sites background color or upload an image. Select your sites text font, its size and color. Upload a Header, Banner or Logo to brand as your own. Rename your broadcasters: performers, girls, models, experts, consultants, advisors and many more.

Create a video chat live webcam website business or an entire live cam network in any niche, industry or sector. Everything required to run a video chat live webcam business excluding traffic and performers.

The Video Chat Software is free, what does free mean?

Livecybercash charges no upfront one off or recurring fees. The complete video chat software solution and service will not and does not invoice for anything.

You pay nothing to use the LiveCyberCash video chat software solution and service. You even get a free website or websites, hosting, bandwidth etc. Visa and Master card fee free and no merchant account required.

20% deducted from revenue retained by LiveCyberCash is to cover all costs excluding marketing, recruitment and paying performers.
This means we make nothing, not a penny until you do.

Video chat site owners operators webmasters?

Manage video chat performers currently? Then brand the entire video chat software solution, everything you see including this website as your own.

Brand and customize to your own look and feel everything. Video chat websites, customer facing sales and administration websites. Webmaster, Performer, Studio, Affiliate and Whitelabel software, management and accounts suites as your own. All operating on your domains or sub-domains, all in your business or company name.

Open branded video chat networks with different names in various sectors, niches, industries, both adult and non adult.
Ideal for cost free expansion, diversification and business costs reduction. (Restrictions apply)

Who are LiveCyberCash?

We entered the live video chat industry back in 2003, when we purchased the first video chat software solution. We then spent several thousand dollars on a video chat website for its integration. The truth was we did not know the correct questions to ask and if you do not ask, they will not tell.

We continued our search for a reliable, pay per minute video chat solution and over the years we purchased and used several. The first video chat software we purchased was completely unstable. The second claimed to have everything but in reality had less than most. The third was laden with hidden charges, riddled with bugs with repeated server and software crashes. But yet we still made some money, could have been lots of it but for these inept software providers and poor software.

Enough was enough, so we developed the LiveCyberCash video chat software solution and service. That includes as standard all the features, functionality and reliability that we had searched for over the years. A free & complete video chat software solution and service, a tool that deserves your attention.

Why is the Video Chat Software by LiveCyberCash free?

The Video Chat Software is free to enable you to invest your money into your business not ours. Hard earned cash needs to used generating customers, recruiting webmasters, affiliates, performers & studios. Not paying unnecessary excessive fees for licensing, hosting and bandwidth etc.

I just do not have the time to invest to develop a video chat business and provide quality customer service.

All customer service included for free. Invest your valuable time in the promotion and growth of your video chat business. We take care of the time consuming customer service. Help provided 24/7/365 to customers, webmasters, affiliates, performers and studios by telephone and email. Help provided immediately by telephone and within 8 hours via email.


If interested in owning & operating a video chat website business then register now. Sign up for a webmaster and studio account and begin the customization of your own video chat website.

ATTENTION: If you think that all you need do is register and create a webcam website and watch the money roll in, think again. It does not and will not happen.

Creating a successful webcam video chat business takes time effort and money. If you are short of either time or money, this is not for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme, if that is what you a seeking then try the lottery.

Livecybercash video chat software and service. The video chat solution for webmaster, studios and solo performers. Suitable for video chat businesses, new build, expansion and or cost reduction.